Thursday, March 24, 2016

Fast (Spring) Break

To start our spring break Ria broke away to go to San Diego, CA with some friends. She loved the beach!!!!!!

We made a break for Kanab

Brant worked hard to put in the sprinkler system for Mary and Jeff. 
Grandpa and Heath made a pinewood derby car. It was patterned after Brant’s car from 30 years ago! 
They also enjoyed sharing musical talents with their ukuleles

At half time of spring break we pulled off the shocker on St. Patrick’s day! 
Breaking the news to the kids that we are going for a 4 point play!   
For the final seconds of spring break, we made a family trip to see the Mesa Easter pageant, it was awesome but we clearly do not have a selfie stick ;)!
The next day Rianne played in a volleyball tournament and her team took 1st!     

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