Sunday, March 13, 2016

Bracket Busted!

Heath played city league basketball and he put his heart into it!  I loved watching him balance his competitive nature but still being a good teammate.   I was so proud of him when he told the ref the ball went out on him (actually the Ref was pretty impressed too and after the game gave him a gift card to eat for being honest).  Got to hear a guy yell “doesn’t the middle school have a team #5 plays on”, so funny to me, he is in 4th grade I promise!  It was hard to watch him hurt after he missed the last second shot for the win,(even when he had more than half of the teams points).  I wish I would have been able to snap a picture of his face when one game they were up 20-2 and Heath had a fast break and his coach called time out before he got to his lay-up Heath only has one speed and slowing up isn’t one of them but what a kind coach.  In fact his coach was awesome at coaching so a varied skill level.  He gave him dribbling homework (which he did faithfully) He loved getting basketball cards!  And at the end of the year party he gave them all little basketballs too.  He made a good friend Jordan on his team who has convinced him to try baseball. 
It was really fun to watch this group of boys play against each other too  Boys are getting busted up because Blake Heath’s very good friend is moving L 

He loves basketball and has really been following Golden State and Steph Curry (who he claims he'll be better than someday).  He is still a Michigan fan although we are not sure where that came from.  
Rianne also played middle school basketball but I was too busy chasing Bennett to snap any pictures of her.   

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