Thursday, January 21, 2016

Four More

Today is his GOTCHA day! 
Bennett was born and Four days later he placed in our arms.  I think throughout the whole process I felt every emotion, he turned our world inside out and we love it!  He has really been into the movie inside out which has been great as he is getting better at expressing emotions verbally.   
We love having his birthday party in Kanab with family.  Kristi did an amazing job on his cake as usual!  Grandma & Grandpa always give the best personal touch cards too!    
Four more things He loves… being a sunbeam especially singing time, the wii, trains and still loves all girly things!    Four more things we love… his Laugh, the way he does jumping jacks, says orange and that he still loves tummy rubs.  Every year I kiss is belly button and remind him, that it is his love button, proof that his birth mom loved him very much she gave him life and he has blessing ours for 4 years and we look forward to more!  Every year I am even more grateful for his birthmother for the courage to go through even more emotions than I can imagine. I love her more every year too!            

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